Atomicrops is an action packed roguelite farming simulator. You own the last farm in the post apocalypse wasteland and running it is a dangerous job.

  • Grow and harvest your mutated ultra-GMO crops as you defend against bandits, mutants and insects.
  • Supply the local town with produce to earn rewards.
  • Upgrade your weapons, equipment, and crops for maximum profits.
  • Court and marry a townsfolk to fight by your side.
  • Find creatures to help work the land.
  • Permanently upgrade your farm house for persistent bonuses.

Survive as many seasons as you can before you are overrun. Shoot to till!

Atomicrops is being developed by Toby Dixon and Danny Wynne. Follow us for updates! @tbdxn @dwtw @Atomicrops

DISCLAIMER: The screenshots below are from a prototype and do not represent how the game will look!





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